Frequently Asked Questions

Do we only get to pitch on February 16th during the Opening Ceremony?
The 1000 Pitches competition will take place for two months. During that time, you can go to our website at any point and submit your pitch, or you can go to one of our pitch booths that we’ll set up periodically during the two months and pitch at the booth.
When and where will the pitch booths be?
We will announce the time and location of the pitch booths a couple of days before we set up so you can have time to prepare. In the meantime, join our mailing list or like us on Facebook to keep updated!
Let’s just say I have three different ideas. How many times can I submit a pitch?
As many times as you want. However, we do recommend that you focus your time and effort on one pitch to make it excellent rather than do multiple mediocre pitches.
What format do you want the pitches to be in?
Whatever you think works best. We recommend a general format (introduction, problem/need, idea/solution, impact, conclusion), but it’s not required. Your challenge is to make us love your pitch and idea.
Can I win in multiple categories?
Although you can submit multiple different pitches and ideas, you will only be able to win in one. If you do submit an awesome pitch and it wins, you’ll only be awarded one prize.
What are all of the different categories?
Go to our Categories page for more information.
What if I accidentally submit a pitch and I want to redo it?
Don't worry about it! Just send in a new pitch and we'll take of the rest.
Is there a minimum time for a pitch?
30 seconds.
Is there a maximum time for a pitch?
2 minutes.
Can I curse or include mature content in my pitch?
Yes, but keep your audience in mind.
What if I have a really cool idea, but I need people to sign an NDA before I say it?
If you honestly, truly, and seriously need people to sign an NDA to hear your idea, 1000 Pitches may not be the best platform for you.
What happens if I have a question that’s not on this FAQ?
Send us a message to our Facebook page at 1000 Pitches.