Consumer Products & Small Business
Ideas that can create a small business with the potential to grow including food, services, and consumer goods
Tech & Hardware
Ideas for new technological products including mobile stationary hardware, and other user-friendly tools
Web & Software
Ideas for new products, services, or applications run on either web or desktop software
Film & Entertainment
Ideas for movies, TV shows, plays, shorts, and structural improvements to the film industry
Ideas for songs, genres, tools/instruments, and structural improvements to the music industry
Mobile Apps
Ideas for new applications on mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Windows, etc.)
Ideas focused on improvements, products, programs, or services related to education
Video Games
Ideas for new video games technology, digital experiences, and storylines
Ideas to improve the ergonomics, accessibility, or processes in our current healthcare system
Applies to ideas for new research opportunities that could be explored at universities
Ideas contributing to a cleaner environment, sustainable energy and resources, or global responsibility
University Improvements
Ideas for tangible improvements on university campuses